Did someone say pie?!



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It’s Fall season, November is upon us, and the holiday/gifting season is in full throttle!

How can you not love Fall?! Streets filled with colorful leaves, delicious food for devouring, another opportunity to get crafty and artsy, and definitely a time to give back to your community! Thanksgiving is just around the corner, think of all the food! November’s sweet treat is pies! Enjoy it in all shapes, sizes, and for every meal of the day; breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and the snack time in between!

Your options are endless when it comes to pie! Sweet pies range from fruit filled, to oven baked, cream filled, specialties, and more. Try a Quiche, combined with your favorite breakfast items baked to perfection. Enjoy pies for lunch such as chicken pot pie or shepherd’s pie. Get creative with dinner and add in the veggies! For recipes and inspiration, check out Food & Wine Magazine or America’s Test Kitchen.

My favorite and go to pie is Banberry from Polly’s Pie which is Polly’s signature Banana Cream filling topped with fresh strawberries!Image

Check with your local pie shop for great deals and seasonal flavors!

Whether its homemade or store-bought, don’t forget to get your pies this holiday season! Especially for Thanksgiving! Countdown is T-Minus 22 days!

For more pie goodness check out Food and Wine’s Pie Week for10 Ways To Use Leftover Pie Dough,  Top 10 All Time Favorite Pies,  America’s Best Pie Spots, and more!

Thanks for checking out J9adventures! More tasty recipes and holiday eats to come as Thanksgiving approaches!


The heart of it all…


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My love for desserts traces back to the very question: What is your favorite dessert? The answer didn’t come right away, I had to think about it. What do I enjoy the most? Of course! Ice Cream and Cupcakes!

Bring me a cupcake or a sugar ice cream cone with cookies and cream or mint and chip (has to be green) and I’ll be a happy camper… until I devour it!

Ever wondered how these desserts came about? Cupcakes dates back to the early 19th century. With measuring cups and creating a simple cake, but instead of one big pan, small little pans! Voila! Cupcakes! That’s the short version. And ice cream? Well Ice cream dates back to 4th century B.C. Let’s just say it started in China, made its way to the Romans, through Europe, and transformed over history into what we know as the delicious and sweet melt in your mouth goodness.

I invite you to join me on the journey of good eats and adventures of restaurant hopping. Throughout the course of time, you may stumble upon many featured or must try restaurants or shops with delicious food, or places that you can definitely skip on. Also, select recipes and articles will be highlighted for your enjoyment. Randomness is also key.

WARNING: You may get hungry in the course of reading or viewing my posts/pictures. Many will be on desserts and delicious ones too! You may get fat in the course of following my blog.

I encourage sharing my blog and providing any suggestions, recommendations, comments, etc. to enhance my blog. Or if you want to know about specifically about something or somewhere, Ill be more than happy to share any insights!

Some things you should know about me now:

1. I love desserts!
2. I love random adventures!
3. I try give a helping hand!

Quotes I live by:

1. “Desserts is stressed spelled backwards” 
2. “Eat dessert first, life is to too uncertain.”
3. “Live, Love, Laugh.”
Feel free to add me on all the social media sites! Share the love! Thanks for reading j9adventures! Keep posted on some delicious posts!